Our powered by ZEGO influencer program

Help us share the goodness

Hello and thank you for your interest in collaborating with us through our Powered by ZEGO program. As a family business, we really appreciate your interest in joining our team. All the information you need about working with us below. Thank you for supporting our goodness and know that we support you too!


Help us share the goodness!


We are committed to making it easy for everyone to eat safe, high-quality, nutrient-dense convenience foods regardless of their special diet needs. Our delicious foods make lives easier and less complicated because they do not have potentially problematic ingredients like nuts, gluten, processed sugar, soy, and dairy and are minimal processed, and we carefully select the farms we source from by testing their crops for over 400 pesticides, herbicides, allergens and gluten! We believe in a future where all food companies are active promoters and stewards of our health and the health of our planet. We are happy to lead the way!

Are you passionate, hardworking, reliable, and enjoy talking to all types of people? Do you have a blog, are you savvy in social media, or are you the kind of person your friends always go to for great product suggestions? Do you enjoy sampling, reviewing, and celebrating delicious clean food? Don’t wait any longer, we need to hear from you!


Join our family in making a difference! We value and support clean, allergy-safe food, community, and the environment.

As a Powered By ZEGO Influencer you would receive a $25 virtual gift certificate to spend online at zegofoods.com each month, to be redeemed in the same month, while serving as part of our team.

There may also be additional opportunities for paid work, demos and otherwise. Please let us know if that’s something that interests you.

We’ll promote you too! We’re not only proud of our products, but of our Powered By ZEGO Influencers too, and we’ll tell everyone about you and your greatness.


Powered By ZEGO Influencers are expected to stay up to date and well informed about the ZEGO brand and products (you can do this easily by reading our website and following us on social media), and communicate and conduct themselves online and in person in a manner that positively promotes “good,” including ZEGO of course. (Obviously, you are not to communicate or engage in any conduct which could disparage, defame, embarrass or damage our goodwill and reputation). It is agreed that while you are part of our team, you will not promote any competing products.

If you join our team, we’ll need to know a little personal and professional information (see attached application form) which we will use for promotion of our Powered By ZEGO Influencer Program.

You are to maintain confidentiality of any private communications with ZEGO before, during, and after serving as a Powered By ZEGO Influencer. (We’ll be sharing lots of goodness!)

Powered By ZEGO Influencers are expected to commit to a 6 month term (which can be renewed if it serves both parties interests and everyone is happy -why wouldn’t we be?).


Help us share the goodness!

We look forward to getting to know you better! There are no right and wrong answers, just yours.