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“You must try the new ZEGO Sunflower Date bar!! Love this new flavor!”

-Commodore C.

“I love these bars, especially the Just Fruit Pear…my favorite and a surprise to me. Great for snack at the office or on a bike ride, I usually pair them with a side of nuts. Also satisfying as a treat when I’m looking for something sweet.”

-Deb K.

“The ZEGO Fruit+Chia Bars (Raspberry) are absolutely delicious and not overly sweet like a lot of bars on the market. They are perfect for an on the go snack. My son, a competitive cyclist, takes them with him on long rides.”

-Michael B.

“We recently added ZEGO bars to our office snack bar.  We have several athletes in our office and they wanted a snack that was high protein, high energy, gluten free and of course, delicious. Similar consistency to Power Bars but so much healthier.”

—Threefold Photos Library

“We are not a family with allergies but love the wholesome ingredients and great taste.”

—Ty Y.

“I do a lot of bike rides…The bars with dairy often upset my stomach. A friend gave me a couple of these ZEGO bars and they were great! All the energy I need & none of the stomach ache!”

—Joseph L.

“I am using ZEGO as my 4th meal and love that it is natural and easy to digest…tastes great and fills me up more than other bars.”

—Therese D

“Absolutely love these!! They have such wonderful flavor in every bite! I also love that they are allergen friendly so my whole family can enjoy!!”

—Kristen F.

“Seed+Fruit Fudgy Chocolate bars are great. It’s the only bar I have found that I can eat with 18 food allergies. Portable and processed foods are hard to come by, so I love that these taste good and give me an option for a snack when I’m not at home.”

-BA Wilson

“I’ve recently realized how much of a texture person I am when it comes to food and these bars…THESE BARS ARE SO AMAZING! They’ve got this chewy deliciousness that I simply can’t get enough of. I’ve only had the blueberry flavor but it tastes like a thick, fresh blueberry fruit leather bar. Mmmmm! The best part is that there are so few ingredients: just fruit purée and juice concentrate. I’m about to buy a few boxes and hope I can make them last at least a couple weeks!”

-Shannon L

“I’m sensitive to several foods (e.g. gluten, nuts, corn, milk) and often have difficult time finding an energy bar that meets my needs.  This bar is yummy, satisfying and isn’t overloaded with sugar like most seem to be.”

—T. Perkins

“These bars are the best! They taste great, are easy to eat and do not contain any animal products. If you are looking for an alternative energy bar look no further!”

—Gus L.

“I get ZEGOs for my office because they work for most everyone’s food issues and they are tasty.”

—Erik P.

“Best part about them for me is I don’t have a sugar crash a little while after eating one like I do after other protein bars or candy bars.”

—Blu S.

“A fantastic grab-and-go snack that invokes the fond memories of childhood but in a nutritional, energizing way. Highly recommend!”

—Amanda C.

“A delicious and healthy snack! Even my 2 year old son loves these bars, especially the Fruit+Chia Blueberry bars.”


“We were attending the Gluten Free conference in Worcester, MA in July when we were first introduced to this product. All three of my gals really like them. They have their favorite flavors based on their own tastes. I ordered more through Amazon as they are traveling more for sports. I like products like this as there are no hidden ingredients, and you know what you are eating. Thus great product and lots of flavors to choose from. We have found our favorites.”


“Finally a bar that appeals to every member of my family. For me, I take one along to eat after an exercise class to hold me over between meals. My kids bring keep them in their backpacks for a snack in between classes. Even my husband who has never liked energy bars can be frequently found with a bar in his hands. Such a great product!”


“ZEGO bars are a great option for nut-free schools  . . .  and mornings when we are running late.”


“Thank you!  I’m so excited to have a bar I can actually eat!  I have allergies, am pregnant and need some snacks. My nutritionist recommended them.”

—Kelcy E.

“Absolutely delicious bars, and the best part is that they are allergy safe for our home!!! The chocolate was my FAVORITE!!”

—Wendy H

“I love these fruit bars! The flavors are fresh and taste like real preserved fruit – not candy! Perfect, satisfying snack. These are now a regular at home.”

—Elsa K.