Food Allergy & Diet Related Questions:


You recently eliminated COCONUT. How long ago did you last use it, and why is it for sale on your website?

Yes, we did eliminate coconut from our recipes so we could be completely tree nut free. We are selling off the last of that inventory, so if you like our coconut flavors (Coconut Ribbon and Lemon Ginger), order now before they are all gone!  The last time we ran coconut on our machines was in June 2017. Every day we make our product, we take apart the equipment thoroughly power wash it. Any bars you order now (as of Jan 2018) would have been produced 3-6+ months (or more) since the last coconut run. If you have further questions, please contact us at info@zegofoods.com.


Where is your allergen information?

In our Food Safety tab on our website.


Where is the list of your ingredients and nutrition data?

In our Ingredients and Nutrition tab.


What allergens are your products free of?

All ZEGO products are made in a facility that is free of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, egg, dairy, gluten, fish, shellfish, sesame, corn, sulfites and lupines.


If ZEGO bars are free from the top allergens, why bother testing each batch for cross contact?

Like all allergy-friendly companies, we carefully source our ingredients, don’t bring common allergens into the manufacturing facility, and train our staff on allergy safety but we don’t feel that is enough precaution. Allergy-friendly companies can do more through simple testing and public reporting, and they should.  The most likely place cross contact would happen for allergy-friendly companies is in the field and processing plant for your raw ingredients, before they ever get to your factory.

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For example, we’ve had pumpkin seeds delivered to us that had spelt (wheat) sprinkled in with them, which most likely happened at harvest. The cost would be too prohibitive to test every container of ingredients, so companies spot test here and there, so some cross contact could not be detected. By adding in a final test at the end of the batch, we can find out if any cross contact slipped through the system regardless of our other precautions. Because we believe in 100% transparency, provide you access to the reports through the QR code on each ZEGO package. We think every company should be testing and publishing the results as well.  If you agree, start contacting your favorite companies, and ask them to provide this level of transparency.


I am DIABETIC or Pre-Diabetic, what ZEGO snacks would you suggest?

Here are some ideas based on common recommendations for diabetic snacks. 


15 or fewer CARBS:   Seed+Fruit Bars — All Flavors Mix-Ins — 1 Tablespoon sprinkled on a low carb base or mixed with seed or nut butter 15 or fewer NET CARBS:   Seed+Fruit Bars — All Flavors Mix-Ins — 1 Tablespoon sprinkled on a low carb base or mixed with seed or nut butter 15 or fewer TOTAL SUGARS: Seed+Fruit Bars — All Flavors Just Fruit Bars — Pear, Blueberry, Strawberry Fruit+Chia Bars — All Flavors


I have a gut autoimmune disease. What ZEGO snacks are better choices for me?

All our products are  gluten and grain free; beyond that, some may be better for you than others depending on what your diet is. Here are some examples:


Lower fiber: Just Fruit Bars — Cherry, Raspberry Gentle to digest: Just Fruit Bars — Pear, Strawberry, Blueberry (all are pear based) Highest Fiber: Just Fruit Bars — Pear, Strawberry, Blueberry (all are pear based) No Seeds: Just Fruit Bars — All Flavors High Omega 3 ALA Fatty Acids: Fruit+Chia Bars — All Flavors Seed+Fruit Bars — All Flavors


Are ZEGO bars only for people with food allergies?

No.  In fact, many of our ZEGO fans actually do not have food allergies! They make a great convenience snack that is packed with flavor and nutrition.  We are trying to show people that allergy friendly food can be both nutritious and delicious – a snack that everyone can enjoy.


Is there sunflower in all your recipes?

Yes, they are an ingredient in our Seed+Fruit Bars and Mix-Ins products. With our Just Fruit Bars and Fruit+Chia Bars, we use organic sunflower oil on the conveyor belt that carries the bars so they won’t stick.


What is sorghum syrup and why do you use it?

Sorghum syrup is made from the stalk of the sorghum plant; it is less processed than many other sweeteners and has the lowest fructose content of all the syrups. It does not have the arsenic contamination problem that rice syrup has. We use it in our organic Seed+Fruit bars for several reasons. The first is that we need something to hold the bars together and syrups are great at that. We could use only dates, but when we tried that, the bars were too sweet and all you could taste was dates. So to keep our sugars down and improve the flavor balance, we use a blend of dates and sorghum syrup in our Seed+Fruit bars. If you prefer a snack with no sweetener added, try our Just Fruit and Fruit+Chia bars.


What is sacha inchi seed? Do people have allergies to it?

Sacha inchi is a seed grown in Peru. It was once planted around ancient cities to provide nourishment. Prized for its protein and omega 3 (ALA) fats, these seed are so high in Omega 3s that they actually taste and smell like fish! In fact, they have 17 times more omega 3s than sockeye salmon. This large seed is legendary for its many health benefits


 Realizing the market for fish-tasting nutrition bars is indeed small, we do not use the oil in ZEGO’s Seed+Fruit bars. We crush the seeds to press out the oils and then lightly roast the crushed seeds. e use the resulting powder to add protein to our bars. Sacha inchi protein is considered to have the highest quality protein of any other plant-based powders on the market. All the other protein powders are derived from their source using chemicals or enzymes. This can make them hard to digest. But, because sacha inchi protein is just crushed and roasted, and not a derivative, it is easy on your stomach.

People can have food allergies to virtually any food, so it is possible to have an allergy to sacha inchi seeds. They are fairly new to the U.S., so we do not have allergy data on them at this point. If you have a seed allergy, check with your doctor.


Are your products corn free?

Yes, they are. We buy the fruit for our Just Fruit and Fruit+Chia bars sometimes have been waxed and washed with water or a fruit wash. The company that makes the fruit wash reported to us that there is no corn in their product. 


Here is some information on the wax typically used by our coop farmers who do was their fruit from www.thenakedscientists.com:

“If you walk into an orchard, pick an apple from a tree, rub that apple on your shirt, you’d notice that it shines, and that’s because you’ve just polished off the natural waxes and also yeasts that the apple produces in order to protect its high water content. And without that wax, fruits and vegetables would end up going all dry and nasty.

After they’ve been harvested, apples get washed and brushed to remove leaves and field dirt, and then they get packed in cartons for shopping to your market. This process removes some of the fruits original wax coating that actually protects the fruit.

So the apple packers re-apply a commercial grade wax, and one pound of that wax can cover as many as 160,000 pieces of fruit. So in other words, two drops of it on each apple. The waxes have been used on fruits since the 1920s. they’re all made from natural ingredients certified by the US Food and Drug Administration as safe to eat and they come from natural sources such Carnauba that wax, the leaves of the Brazilian palm, Candelia wax, which is derived from a reed-like dessert plant of the genus euphorbia and also food grade shellac.”


Are your ZEGO bars Organic / Non GMO? 

Our Seed+Fruit bars are certified organic, and our Just Fruit / Fruit+Chia bars are certified Non GMO.

The original farmers who started the Gorge Delights company that created our delicious Just Fruit bars grow delicious apples and pears along the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington. At ZEGO, we are committed to continuing that tradition of sourcing our fruit from co-op farms that region (and our strawberries are from California). We believe where our fruit is grown is the secret to the amazing fresh fruit flavor of these bars. 


We would love to use only organic fruit but only 1% of US farmland is organic. And, much of the organic fruit is sold as whole fruit at market and not available in the quantity we need year round. So, we would have to purchase organic fruit from overseas to supplement what we could get from the US. But, we are concerned about high pesticide residue in organic fruit grown in China and some Central and South American countries.

To assure our products are as clean as possible, we go through the non-GMO verification process and actually test them for pesticide residue, specifically for the glyphosate chemical found in Round Up. Because the farmers in Oregon and Washington do not typically use Round Up due to their climate and topography, our tests show that the pesticide residue levels in our fruit bars are nearly as low as that you would expect to see in organic fruit.


Are ZEGO bars vegan?

Yes! No animal products are used in ZEGO products.


Are ZEGO bars certified Kosher?

Yes! All ZEGO products are certified Kosher.


Are ZEGO bars certified Gluten-Free?

Yes! All ZEGO products are certified and tested Gluten-Free.


Do ZEGO bars contain any artificial colors or dyes?

NO! Rest assured no natural or artificial flavorings, colors, or dyes are used in any of our products.  


Will ZEGO bars fit into my Paleo or Whole30 diet?

All of the Just Fruit and Fruit+Chia bars fit into the Paleo and Whole30 diets. They are made from 100% fruit and Chia seeds – that is it!  No grains, nuts, soy, flavorings, extracts, legumes, preservatives, or added sugars are in these bars.  Unfortunately, our organic Seed+Fruit bars are not technically Whole30 approved, because we do add a little bit of sorghum syrup to the bars.  


Are ZEGO bars low glycemic?

Yes!  They are great snacks for diabetics.


Are ZEGO bars certified R.A.W.?

No, all of our products contain one or more ingredients that have been heated above 104 degrees.


Are ZEGO bars a meal replacement?

No, ZEGO bars are designed to be a nutritious and tasty snack.  Each one is specifically designed to keep you energized and to prevent that afternoon slump.


Are ZEGO bars good for athletes?

Yes! Many of our ZEGO fans actually don’t even have food allergies, but because they are so easy to digest, and have great taste and nutrition, they are great snacks to have pre, mid, or even after a tough workout.  Check out our blogpost Why I Run with ZEGO to see why we’re loved by runners.


I saw that ZEGO tests for Glyphosates – what does that mean?

Glyphosate is the main ingredient found in Round-Up.  And you might be wondering why we would test for this if we are already certified Organic / Non GMO.  Well, because Round-Up is so widely used around the world, it’s found everywhere – even in our drinking water! This means that even organic farms can have Glyphosate residue from the rainwater, or from runoffs from a nearby farm.  


Glyphosate is proven to be detrimental to our health, and we want to raise awareness on this issue.  Buying organic just isn’t enough, and we need your help! If we start demanding that companies test for this residue, we will see a real change in the food industry.

The side effects of Glyphosate are very similar to Celiac Disease.  So, it’s possible that if we reduce the use of glyphosates and clean up our food system, we will see fewer and fewer people with these food allergy symptoms.  

The Glyphosate problem is why we source our fruit entirely from the Pacific Northwest.  Because they face colder winters, everything freezes, which helps kill off the weeds.  As a result, most farms (even non organic farms) don’t need to use Round-Up, which means there is less residue in the rainwater in the Pacific Northwest, and organic farms don’t have to worry about the runoff from non organic farms.


Ingredient Questions:


What is a processing aid, and why do you use one?

A processing aid is an ingredient used during the production of the food.  It is not required by law to be disclosed, (only trace amounts, if any, end up in the finished product), which is why you won’t normally see this listed on an ingredient list.  However, because we believe in complete transparency, we include this on our packaging.   

We use Organic Sunflower Oil as our processing aid – it helps our bars run smoothly down the line, and prevents them from sticking to the machine.


What exactly is fruit concentrate?

Fruit concentrate is made by extracting the water from the fruit juice – what is left after the water has been removed is fruit concentrate.  The fruit concentrate we use has no added ingredients or preservatives, it is 100% fruit.


Where does ZEGO source the fruit?

We carefully source our fruit from family farms in Washington, Oregon, and California.  Additionally, we use the farms “ugly” fruit to help cut down on waste.  What is ugly fruit? It is fruit that is perfectly good to eat, but is misshapen and won’t sell in grocery stores.



Product & Order Related Questions:


Will ZEGO come out with more products?

Yes!! We are working on some exciting new products right now! Keep an eye out for new products coming in early 2018.


I don’t live in the US, can I still order ZEGO bars?

Unfortunately, no.  We are working on opening shipping to Canada right now.  If you live in Canada, and want to know when you can order bars delivered to your house, click here! We’ll send you an email once international shipping is in place.


How many bars come in a box?

The Seed + Fruit boxes have 9 (38g) bars per box

The Just Fruit and Fruit + Chia boxes have 12 (24g) bars per box

Subscriptions are supersized with 3 extra bars/box! So, a subscription of Seed+Fruit bars has 12 bars and the Just Fruit/Fruit+Chia bars have 15 bars per box.


I’m confused by the subscription.  What is it and why is it a better deal?

Our subscriptions come supersized! For the same price of one, regular box, you will receive 3 extra bars.  You can chose the frequency of delivery (once a month, every other month, or every 3 months).  You can cancel or place it on hold at any time. Just email us, and we’ll help you make any changes to your subscription – no questions asked.

The Seed + Fruit subscriptions have 12 bars instead of 9, and the Just Fruit & Fruit + Chia subscriptions have 15 bars instead of 12.  It’s a great value!


Can I customize my box to include my own assortment of bars?

Not yet.  We do have mixed boxes available of each type of bar along with a 12 bar variety pack, which has 1 bar of each flavor.


Sample, Wholesale, and Referral Questions:


I’ve never tried ZEGO bars – can I get a free sample?

Unfortunately, we can’t give away free samples; however, we have some great sample packs available on our website.  Our 12 bar variety pack is our favorite to recommend because it has 1 bar of every ZEGO flavor.


I want my local store to carry ZEGO! What can I do?

Ask the manager to carry us! Stores love hearing what their customers what.


Where can I buy ZEGO bars in my area?

Check out our Store Locator Page to see which stores near you carry ZEGO!


I would like to sell ZEGO bars at my business, do you have wholesale pricing?

Yes, we do! Please click here to learn more about our wholesale program.


Do you offer sales or coupons?

Yes! Make sure you sign up for our mailing list to get all our sale/coupon codes! First time customers receive a 15% coupon when they sign up for our mailing list

We also run sales and giveaways on social media – so follow along with us. 


Gorge Delights Questions:


What happened to Gorge Delights?

Don’t worry, we kept the same ingredients, recipes, and even machinery that Gorge Delight used to make the old bars.  Read Colleen’s letter, which explains all the changes and our relationship to Gorge Delights.


Are there any of the old, Gorge Delight bars left that I can purchase?

Yes, we have a few flavors left for sale.  

Just Fruit bars can be found on our website and on Amazon.

FruitChia bars can be found on our website and on Amazon.


Giving Back:


Is ZEGO a B Corp? What does that mean?

Yes we are proud to be a B Corp, which certifies that we are actively using our company to bring social and environmental good to our world. Please read visit our B Corp profile find out more about our work to improve food safety and transparency and improve nutrition for children.


I try to buy from responsible companies, what does ZEGO do to give back and/or help the environment?

We are so glad you asked!  We love giving back too.  In addition to being a B Corp and to our monetary donations, we donated over 10,000 bars to help the hurricane survivors and the Northern CA fire victims this past year. But that’s not all we do! Check out our blogpost on Why We are a B Corp for more info.  


How to Connect with us:

How can I connect with ZEGO on social media?

Find us @zegosnacks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and say hi! We LOVE seeing your ZEGO photos, so make sure you tag us 🙂


Where is ZEGO located?

We are based in San Francisco, and we make the bars in a dedicated Free From facility in Idaho.


I have a more specific question. Who can I reach out to?

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for in our FAQs? No problem, you can reach us at info@zegofoods.com.  Either Colleen or Danielle will get back to you right away.