Purity Test Results


Glyphosate Test Results
Double Protein Oats
All lots produced 2023-2024

*Due to lack of meaningful international government limits, the nonprofit EWG recommended limit is used. Unit of Measure: Parts per Billion (PPB); Data source: FDA, AGQ Labs

Heavy Metals


Lead Test Results 
Double Protein Oats
All lots produced 2023–2024

Unit of Measure: Parts per Billion (PPB)  Data source: AGQ Labs





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Gluten Free

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Top 14 Allergen Free

Testing FAQs

Step 1: We do a risk assessment for each toxin we test for to determine the appropriate type and frequency of testing to do for each product.

Step 2: We run strip tests at our facility for glyphosate and gluten for each lot we buy from farmers.

Step 3: We have an outside lab test to confirm our strip tests are accurate 1-6 times a year, depending on the risk assessment.

We report only 3rd party verified tests through our transparency system, accessible through each product’s QR code.

Numerous production “lots” come from the one farm. Depending on our contracts, all lots may come from the same farm, as is the case in the 2023 harvest. Thus, only one test is needed, and it applies to all production lots made with the oats from that farm.

Some products, like protein powder, have a 5-year shelf life. As a result, tests that are years old will be current for products sold year later. The QR code for the product will take you to the test linked to the ingredients in that bag.

Our facility is free of the top 14 allergens and corn. After running 8 years of allergen tests on our products, we have never had a test showing any cross-contact. Because the likelihood of cross-contact is exceedingly negligible, we have suspended that testing for now. If this testing is important to you, please reach out to customerservice@zegofoods.com and let us know.