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4 Ways to Succeed While Working from Home

Adjusting to changing schedules, expectations and preparing for a new “normal” is tricky. Saying that, it’s not impossible and doesn’t need to cause stress. Here

Dear Colleen, How Do I Avoid Lead in Food?

An integral part of our process in sourcing and creating ZEGO products is ensuring they are as pure
as possible, not just from allergens

How ZEGO Supports Regenerative Farming

Every ZEGO purchase supports improving nutrition for kids, which means supporting soil and farm health for everyone. This week we are highlighting where we

Dear Colleen: From Where Do You Source Your Ingredients?

We carefully source our fruit from farms in Washington, Oregon, and California.  Because our recipes use purees or chopped whole fruit, we can  use

ZEGO Contains: Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are rich in protein and healthy fats to build muscle and support memory. They are also high in B

ZEGO Contains: Chia

Chia seeds are the edible seeds of a flowering plant in the mint family called Salvia hispanica, native to Central America. Chia seeds are oval

Dear Colleen, I’d like to learn more about your glyphosate testing. Can you guarantee my ZEGO products will never have glyphosate in them?

I believe that you have the fundamental right to know if there are potential toxins in your food which is why we go through such

ZEGO RECIPES: Paleo Protein Banana Pancakes

These healthy pancakes won’t weigh you down after breakfast, but rather give you the natural energy boost you need to jump start your day! Paleo

ZEGO Contains: Raspberries

Raspberries are delightful, small, rich colored, tart and juicy berries often referred to as “nature’s candy”. Their color ranges from red, black, purple, and golden,

Dear Colleen, If ZEGO bars are free from the top allergens, why do you bother testing each batch for cross contact?

Like all allergy-friendly companies, we carefully source our ingredients, don’t bring common allergens into the manufacturing facility, and train our staff on allergy safety, but

It Has Been SPOKIN: ZEGO Bars Are Tops

If you have food allergies, you need to download the Spokin’s app and check out their website ASAP! Spokin’s mission is to build the

How ZEGO Protein Outperforms the Rest

How do you evaluate a protein powder? There are differences that are important to understand — plant protein, whey, isolates, heavy metal, and pesticide contamination.

ZEGO Contains: Sacha Inchi!

Sacha inchi (Plukenetia volubilis) is a plant native to Peru. The term “sacha inchi” typically refers to edible seeds produced by the sacha inchi plant.

Mix things up with ZEGO Cranberry Mix-Ins!

Eliminating ingredients and eating clean doesn’t need to be dull – which is why we’re thrilled to help you mix things up! Whether you are

ZEGO Recipes: Butternut and Cranberry Quinoa Bowl

When you want to eat beautiful food but don’t have the time, ZEGO Mix-Ins will rescue your moment! Add to avocado toast, holiday stuffing, on

ZEGO Contains: Chocolate!

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods and flavors in the world. The beans are picked from the cacao tree and are dried, cleaned

Pure Plant Protein Powder, Nothing Else

Have you taken a look at the list of ingredients on your protein powder recently?
Our Pure Protein is just that. It contains no added

ZEGO Recipes: Double Protein Oatmeal Cookies

It’s true! Our Double Protein Oats are purity protocol gluten free (the highest GF standard), have twice the protein of traditional oats, are free from the top allergens

Monthly Special, August 2019

Two great products, one amazing deal!
Our Pure Protein is just that. It contains no added flavors, sweeteners, colors, additives, or preservatives; it is simply

ZEGO Contains: Sunflower Seeds!

The sunflower is one of my favorite flowers, and its plentiful seeds are packed with health benefits that can help you from head to toe!

ZEGO Recipes: Paleo Breakfast Cookies

Looking to up the nutrition and add some excitement to your breakfast? Try adding to ZEGO to your smoothies, cereal, yogurt, or make into these

Be a Driver in the Clean Food Revolution: Heavy Metals

I recently was talking to a woman named Sara at the Expo West 2019 food show about two 2018 reports that measured surprisingly high levels

Food Transparency Needs More “Tell” and Less “Show”

I recently scanned the QR code on a food product I bought from a brand I love.
I smiled to see a picture

How Your ZEGO Purchase Supports The Community

Giving Tuesday is a time to highlight ways to give back to the community, which is an important part of our mission all year long.

Allergy friendly bento box ideas for school lunches

Allergy friendly lunches can be a challenge sometimes. And when it comes to school lunches, sometimes you have to think about allergies that affect the

How much glyphosate is in your snack? ZEGO is going to tell you.

You may have seen a lot in the news about glyphosate lately, the most common herbicide in the world, used in products like Roundup by

Surviving the Summer with Food Allergies

Surviving summer with food allergies brings up some unique challenges, but it also can be a time for some amazing family fun. I want to

Seize the Opportunity in Food Allergy and Celiac Awareness this Month

Food Allergy Awareness Week (May 13-19) and Celiac Awareness Month are both happening in May. This is a great opportunity to have conversations with friends,

Nut Free School Wins ZEGO Bars for Kids!

One of the daily challenges that almost every parent who has a child with food allergies deals with is food safety at school. It is

ZEGO is a B Corporation – Why This Matters!

We have big news to announce – ZEGO is now a B Corporation! I love talking about our company because ZEGO is so much more than delicious,

ZEGO’s New Lemon Ginger Bar Features Anti-Inflammatory Spices

Ever since I started ZEGO, people have been asking me to create a savory flavor for our organic line. I’ve been pondering on this on

Food with a Mission: Nourishing Our Community

I first met Sara and Janet at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church on Potrero Hill, across from Anchor Brewery. The smell of hops was heavy

Good Guts – A Promising Treatment for Autism

A recent breakthrough in research has pointed to a surprising possible contributor to Autism: gut bacteria.

Coconut & Olive Oil’s Promise of Virginity

Is your olive or coconut oil really pure? Read here to figure out how to find out. I’m not often a fan of more government regulation, but I think that we do need stricter regulations on these oils to make sure that consumers get what they are paying for.

Could LDN Help Cure Autoimmune Disease?

By improving the functioning of your immune system, low dose naltrexone, or LDN, has the potential to enable your own body to cure these otherwise incurable autoimmune diseases.

Pesticides Poison Costa Rican Foods

Costa Rica is one of the most naturally beautiful countries on earth. Despite its small size, it contains nearly six percent of the world’s biodiversity

News on Nutrition Labels

Nutrition labels will be rolling out over the next few years. Some things they got right, others, like fat, still leave us scratching our

What’s All the Fuss About Gut Bacteria?

Written by our guest blogger (and my son) Liam Puknys.
From the moment we enter preschool, our parents tell us to watch out for germs.

The Dangers of Fructose: Why ZEGO Uses Sorghum Syrup

This blog was written by our guest blogger (and my son), Liam Puknys.
By now we all know that sugar is bad for us. Despite

In Defense of Food Hysteria

Food “hysteria” is often assigned to people with food allergies and intolerances. But if you’ve ever had food poisoning or been severely hungry, you’ve surely experienced food hysteria. Truth is, conscious of it or not, every day we are all trying to prevent food hysteria, it’s just a heck of a lot harder if you are living with allergies. I’m calling on consumers to push companies to prevent food hysteria with the same transparency we pioneered at my company, ZEGO.

Why You Should Never Eat Sucralose (Splenda) – Ever.

Sucralose has been marketed as being just one small step away from sugar nutritionally but tasting just like it. It’s used in some “no

Top 10 Food Wins of 2015

It often feels like the battle to improve American diets is never-ending. To bring major social change in food takes millions of activists from the mom

Finding Communion with 3 Celiac Kids

It took 9 years for me to be diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1982. Anxious to avoid delayed diagnosis for my kids, I’ve been vigilant with them, sure I wouldn’t miss any sign that they may have the same issue. From diagnosis to dinner out, it’s been harder than I thought it would be.

When Gluten Free Isn’t Enough

I have been on a gluten free diet since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 15 in 1982 (this is my pic just

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Why are Food Allergies Rising?

At least twice a week I’m asked why so many kids are being diagnosed with food allergies these days. I’m quick to say that they are

Faking Food Allergies & Gluten Intolerances

I am ground zero for questions about fake food allergies and gluten intolerances. I have Celiac Disease. My kids are undiagnosed but on gluten-free,

Actual Celiac Rates Up 500% Since 1950’s

I’ve seen so many people on social media and journalists post and comment that Celiac Disease is not on the rise, just the diagnosis of

Why You #Shouldn’tEatCerealEverAgain

You wouldn’t eat cheese puffs for breakfast, right? Then you shouldn’t eat cereal either. Learn what everyone should know about cereal and get some ideas for easy, healthier options for your morning meal.

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Special Diets & Food Allergy Testing Key to ZEGO

Of the six of us who gathered for Mom’s Night Out last week, only two were unaffected by diet-related health issues. How eating has changed

Food Companies Should Do More to Support Food Justice

Press Release
9am Monday, Jan 20, 2015
For Immediate Release[/intense_column]
Contact: Colleen Kavanagh, (415) 706-8094
CEO ZEGO & Ex. Dir. A Better Course

Industry must do more than just slap warning labels on food, Zego founders say

After a successful Indiegogo campaign, San Francisco-based Zego Snacks is entering the market nationally with a protein bar that is free of nuts, soy, dairy

Ask Colleen

Why did you change to maple syrup in the Seed+Fruit Bars?

Why do you say you test for glyphosate instead of saying glyphosate free?

What allergens are you free of?
How about your facility?

Why is there lead in plant based protein powders?