We guarantee you’ll find

a ZEGO product to love.

ZEGO products are designed to give you peace of mind. If you are looking for nutritious, clean, and convenient packaged foods that are free of allergens and gluten, we are confident that you’ll find a new favorite snack in our ZEGO products. Try a variety pack of our bars and sample each of our Mix-Ins, and if you do not find a new snack to love, we will refund your purchase price (less shipping).

We guarantee you a new gold standard

in food allergy and gluten transparency.

The standard. ZEGO bars are made in a facility that is free of the top 12 allergens. We carefully source our ingredients, test our equipment for allergen residue, and spot check our ingredients. Until now, these precautions are what companies and allergic consumers have relied on for assessing whether a product is safe for them to eat.
Why the standard should change. But in an age when smart phones are substitute computers and allergen testing has become accessible and more reliable, we believe it is unacceptable for companies to ask consumers to assume a product is safe simply because it is made in a dedicated facility. As an industry, we no longer have to rely on proxy process measures. We can also test the end product.
The new allergen and gluten gold standard. At ZEGO we believe all companies making products free of major allergens should test their end product for cross contact and link the results to the QR code on each package. At ZEGO, we do this for peanut, milk, soy, and gluten (these are the most common allergies and intolerances of our customers). And, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the package with a QR scanner app on your phone to see the results for any product.
The new glyphosate gold standard. Companies cannot test or be responsible for every possible chemical that can show up in the food supply but we feel strongly companies need to test and seek out the cleanest ingredients possible. As a proxy for overall purity, we advocate all companies should be testing for the most common herbicide, glyphosate, which has been linked by some studies to cancer and disease. We periodically test our product lines (but not individual flavors due to cost) for glyphosate residue (for example, when we get a new harvest of apple puree) and post these results as well. Glyphosate testing is fairly new and there is little long term data available on product testing. Though we cannot guarantee our products will always show no measurable amount, we can assure you that we will do everything in our power to minimize glyphosate in our products.
Leading the industry. We hope not just to provide this for you, but to lead the industry to a point where every company will systematically batch test for allergens, gluten and glyphosate and report the data through their packaging QR code.
About our testing. We send a random sample of each batch to the University of Nebraska’s Food Allergy Resource and Research Project. The allergy tests can measure cross contact starting at 2.5PPM and gluten at 5PPM.  Amounts less than that are not measurable. Glyphosate testing is done by AGQ Labs and is measured to 10PPB.
Note it is mathematically impossible to design a test that would give a 100% guarantee of accuracy or safety. The confidence level of our test results is 95%. We do this testing IN ADDITION to being in a facility free of the top 12 allergens and sourcing non-GMO and organic ingredients. For more information, please contact us at info@zegofoods.com.