We guarantee you’ll find a ZEGO flavor to love.

If you are looking for a nutritious snack bar, we are confident that you’ll find a favorite flavor in our new delicious recipes. There simply isn’t another bar that provides the nutritious, clean ingredients and allergy and gluten safety that ZEGO does. ZEGO bars are designed for your peace of mind.

We guarantee you our new gold standard in food allergy and gluten transparency.

The standard. ZEGO bars are made in a facility that is free of the top allergen groups except coconut (peanut, tree nuts, soy, milk, egg, wheat, sesame, sulfites and corn as well as fish and shellfish), and we are very careful to source ingredients from suppliers that minimize the risk of cross contact (you can never truly eliminate the risk). Until now, these precautions are what companies and allergic consumers have relied on for assessing whether a product is safe for them to eat.

Why the standard should change. But in an age when you can wear a computer on your wrist and allergen testing has become accessible and more reliable, we believe it is unacceptable for companies to ask consumers to assume a product is safe simply because it is made in a dedicated facility.

The new gold standard. At ZEGO we test every batch for residual levels of major food allergens and gluten. And, we give you access to the results for the batch from which the bar you are considering purchasing or eating was made. All you have to do is scan the sunflower QR code on the package with a QR scanner app on your smart phone or text ZEGODATA to 41411.

Leading the industry. We hope not just to provide this for you, but to lead the industry to a point where every company will systematically batch test for allergens and gluten and report the data through their packaging technology.

About our testing. It’s important to note that testing is not a guarantee of safety, but we give you this additional information to help you decide if ZEGO bars are right for you to eat.

We send a random sample of each batch (a batch is a production day) to the University of Nebraska’s Food Allergy Resource and Research Project. The processing takes about ten days. We test for the most common food allergens and gluten. The allergy tests can measure cross contact starting at 2.5PPM and gluten at 5PPM.  Amounts less than that are not measurable. To evaluate these levels and your risk further, we suggest you consult your doctor. You may also want to consult the European Union EU-Vital website  as well as the FDA data on clinical reaction levels for specific allergens.

It is important to note that it is mathematically impossible to design a test that would give a 100% guarantee of accuracy or safety. The confidence level of our test results is 95%. For more information, please contact us at