Why Do We Test for Glyphosate and 400+ Chemicals?

Bugs and weeds make growing food challenging. We are big fans of biodynamic farming where farmers use a balanced ecosystem so their crops can grow healthfully without chemicals. It’s a growing but still very small movement. Some believe we can’t grow enough food to feed our world with bio-dynamically grown food but others disagree. We are rooting for the optimists!

It’s a fact that most farming in the world uses chemicals of some sort to control for pests and weeds, even organic farms (some chemicals are approved for use in organic food). If you aren’t worried about chemicals and metals in your food, no worries — our food tastes great regardless! But if do want to minimize your exposure to them, we’ve got you covered. We buy only organic or non-GMO Verified ingredients from trusted suppliers and farms to minimize any pesticides and herbicides in our products. The most commonly used herbicide in the world is the controversial chemical glyphosate, found in Round Up and other herbicides. We think you should be able to decide if you want to eat food with chemical (or heavy metal) residue in it, so we test our products for it.

But we don’t stop there. We typically purchase our ingredients from the same groups of farms each year, and each harvest, we test for over 400 chemicals, pesticides and herbicides that can be found in food. We use this information to pick the cleanest crops we can find for our products. You don’t need to take our word for it because we link the lab test results to each product for you to see. Just scan the QR “T-Code” on any of our packages or access them through our website.

Because glyphosate other chemicals are present in measurable amounts in our rain, waterways and air, we cannot guarantee all our products will always have no measurable amount in them. But we promise to always seek the cleanest ingredients possible and to test regularly and publish the results for you to see. We are already doing this testing for all our new products introduced in 2019 and are phasing it in for our original product lines. We will complete the transition the first half of 2019.

What is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate was invented by Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) and is used in products like Round Up. It is the leading chemical herbicide used in the farming industry.

Is Glyphosate a Health Risk?

  • Some studies show a correlation between glyphosate exposure and certain cancers, endocrine disruption and celiac-type symptoms. The International Research Agency on Cancer  has identified it as a “probably carcinogenic to humans.”
  • Some countries ban or restrict the use of glyphosate altogether. The U.S. EPA has set a safety threshold for glyphosate exposure that is 127X higher than the threshold the California EPA is considering.
  • There are approximately 4000 court cases pending against Monsanto/Bayer where the plaintiff claims exposures to the chemical harmed their health.

Can You Avoid Glyphosate?

Companies and farms are not required to measure and report how much glyphosate residue (and other pesticides and metals) is on their food, like ZEGO does. We encourage you to email companies you buy from and ask them to start testing and reporting for glyphosate and allergens. And, some nonprofits have issued reports of glyphosate levels they have measured in food. If you want to minimize your exposure, there are actions you can take.

  • Choose organic when you can.
  • Avoid GMO crops are more likely to have Roundup/glyphosate used on them, like conventional (not organic) soy, wheat and corn.
  • For produce, keep the “dirty dozen” list, which covers many chemicals including glyphosate, on your phone and use it.