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Mindful Nourishment in the Time of Quarantine

What can we learn about the importance of mindful nourishment from an ice cream binge during this Covid19 quarantine? For my family, a lot.

New Purity Panel
 Informs Consumers About
 Toxins in Food

ZEGO launches a new visual to bring transparency to undisclosed residues that can harm health.
San Francisco. ZEGO established itself as the leader in the


Dear Colleen, How Do I Avoid Lead in Food?

An integral part of our process in sourcing and creating ZEGO products is ensuring they are as pure
as possible, not just from allergens

How ZEGO Supports Regenerative Farming

Every ZEGO purchase supports improving nutrition for kids, which means supporting soil and farm health for everyone. This week we are highlighting where we

Dear Colleen: From Where Do You Source Your Ingredients?

We carefully source our fruit from farms in Washington, Oregon, and California.  Because our recipes use purees or chopped whole fruit, we can  use

ZEGO Contains: Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are rich in protein and healthy fats to build muscle and support memory. They are also high in B


ZEGO RECIPES: Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

We are cookie lovers. But we are always trying to find ways to clean up a recipe and make into something that is

ZEGO RECIPES: Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Muffins

Does fall having you craving all things pumpkin?  Well, we have you covered with this incredibly easy and delicious recipe for allergy friendly pumpkin

ZEGO RECIPES: Paleo Protein Banana Pancakes

These healthy pancakes won’t weigh you down after breakfast, but rather give you the natural energy boost you need to jump start your day! Paleo

ZEGO Recipes: Butternut and Cranberry Quinoa Bowl

When you want to eat beautiful food but don’t have the time, ZEGO Mix-Ins will rescue your moment! Add to avocado toast, holiday stuffing, on

Ask Colleen

Why did you change to maple syrup in the Seed+Fruit Bars?

Why do you say you test for glyphosate instead of saying glyphosate free?

What allergens are you free of?
How about your facility?

Why is there lead in plant based protein powders?