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Mix things up with ZEGO Cranberry Mix-Ins!

Eliminating ingredients and eating clean doesn’t need to be dull – which is why we’re thrilled to help you mix things up! Whether you are

ZEGO Recipes: Butternut and Cranberry Quinoa Bowl

When you want to eat beautiful food but don’t have the time, ZEGO Mix-Ins will rescue your moment! Add to avocado toast, holiday stuffing, on

ZEGO Contains: Chocolate!

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods and flavors in the world. The beans are picked from the cacao tree and are dried, cleaned

Pure Plant Protein Powder, Nothing Else

Have you taken a look at the list of ingredients on your protein powder recently?
Our Pure Protein is just that. It contains no added

ZEGO Recipes: Exceptional Oat Cookies

It’s true! Our Exceptional Oats  are purity protocol gluten free (the highest GF standard), have twice the protein of traditional oats, are free from the top

Monthly Special, August 2019

Two great products, one amazing deal!
Our Pure Protein is just that. It contains no added flavors, sweeteners, colors, additives, or preservatives; it is simply

Ask Colleen

Why did you change to maple syrup in the Seed+Fruit Bars?

Why do you say you test for glyphosate instead of saying glyphosate free?

What allergens are you free of?
How about your facility?

Why is there lead in plant based protein powders?