Dear Colleen: Are ZEGO Products Organic / Non GMO?

All our products are certified USDA Organic, which means they are also non GMO, except for our Just Fruit and Fruit+Chia bars, which are certified by the non-GMO Verified Project. Those bars are made from conventional fruit and certified USDA organic chia seeds.

The original farmers who started the Gorge Delight company that created our delicious Just Fruit bars grow delicious apples and pears along the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington. Those farmers are still a valued part of our company. At ZEGO, we are committed to continuing that tradition of sourcing our fruit from co-op farms from that region (and sometimes from California). Here’s why.

  • We believe where our fruit is grown is the secret to the amazing fresh fruit flavor of these bars.

  • We want to support US farmers, in fact almost all our ingredients are grown on US farms (sunflower seeds, oats, fruit, maple syrup).

  • We support sustainable agriculture by using conventional “ugly fruit” that cannot be sold as whole fruit at market and would otherwise be disposed of.

  • We want to keep the harvest-to-bar time low to preserve flavor and nutrition.

  • We do not want to be in a position where we might have to purchase organic fruit from overseas to fill gaps in supply (only 1% of US fruit farming is organic), which would dramatically increase our carbon footprint.

  • We have concerns about higher levels of fraud in the international organic market and the potential high levels of heavy metal residue.

That’s a lot of information, so if you would like to continue the conversation, please reach out with your questions in our “Ask Colleen” section of our Community tab on our website.

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Colleen Kavanagh is the founder and CEO of ZEGO. ZEGO is the first purity-transparent food company, making superfood products with traceable transparency designed to be safe for most all people to eat regardless of dietary restrictions like common allergies, intolerances or diabetes. ZEGO makes oats, muesli, protein powder, Mix-ins and nutrition bars. It is certified as a B Corp and as Women Owned.

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