How Your ZEGO Purchase Supports The Community

Giving Tuesday is a time to highlight ways to give back to the community, which is an important part of our mission all year long. In fact, did you know a portion of every sale goes to help provide nutritious lunches for low-income children through the non-profit A Better Course? Since 2013, we have donated 2% of our cash flow to A Better Course, but we don’t stop there.  We also send bars to victims of natural disasters including hurricane and fire victims.  So, every time you purchase ZEGO products, you invest in better nutrition for low-income kids and provide safe, disaster relief snacks for people with dietary restrictions. Giving back is something we are extremely passionate about, which is why we wove this into our legal structure.

A Better Course strategically selects and designs on-the-ground programs, conducts research, analysis, and advocates for improved nutrition for low-income children and families. Specifically, we support A Better Course’s work on improving access to healthy foods through public programs such as school meals, CalFresh, and making that food safer by advocating to improve transparency in our food system regarding allergens, pesticides and GMOs.

We are grateful to our partners and funders, without whom the work would not be possible.

That mission is also why every year we do a master-case giveaway of snacks to one lucky school. It is our biggest and favorite giveaway of the year.

Whether your child has food allergies, or attends a peanut free-school, having snacks that are available to every child regardless of allergies is so important. This fall, the winner was Hockinson Middle School in Brush Prairie, WA! We interviewed the school counselor Jessica Ambrose to learn a little more about their school. In the middle school, they don’t prohibit allergens, but they do specifically flag every child with food allergies so that teachers and staff are all aware of a child’s food allergies.

Jessica’s family has several food allergies as well, which is why she really understands how important it is to provide safe snacks. In fact, she keeps a basket of fresh fruit, and a drawer of safe snacks so that kids are able to get something good for them to eat any time they are hungry. For some of their students, they rely on these snacks to make sure they get enough food for the day. Since the school does not have funding for something like this, she and other teachers fill up the snack box out of their own pockets. We were so happy to be able to give her a boost with the master case!

At Hockinson, they try not to use food (especially candy) as rewards. Instead, they use a token system with a store for them to earn rewards. This way every child can be included. They have several students with peanut allergies and other allergies, as well as students who are vegan or diabetic.
Jessica said “We love ZEGO snacks for kids who have food allergies or diabetes since they are low in carbohydrates and have no added sweeteners.  These are the perfect snack for our school because they work for all of our kids.”

How to Make Sure You Don’t Miss the Next School Giveaway

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