How ZEGO Protein Outperforms the Rest

How do you evaluate a protein powder? There are differences that are important to understand — plant protein, whey, isolates, heavy metal, and pesticide contamination. And, what the heck is protein spiking?

Jason Hughes, Vegan Liftz

You can learn a lot about vegan protein and lifestyle at the blog Vegan Liftz, who just reviewed ZEGO’s Plant Protein Powder. It’s run by Jason Hughes (pictured here) whose goal is to “cut through the bullshit, lies and quasi-science that permeates the fitness industry (and also some vegan groups online).” His team tried our protein for a month and here is their fantastic feedback.


ZEGO’s 17g protein = 30g  of pea, hemp, whey, rice protein in other brands.

That’s because ZEGO’s protein is not an “isolate.” Most protein powders are isolates, which means your body can only absorb 30%-50% of it before it passes through your system.

Because our protein is whole food and not an isolate, it has more of its nutrient attached to it. That allows it to start digesting sooner and more slowly, meaning you have more time to digest it before it exits (ahem) your system.

On another note, some companies have been accused of adding cheap, unnecessary amino acids to their protein that allow them to claim the product has more protein in it it really does. Basically, they are spiking the protein to fool the lab.

ZEGO’s protein is easier to digest. 

This is due not only to our protein having very little processing (we just press the oil out, lightly roast the pressed seeds and grind into a powder) and digesting over a longer period of time, but also because it does not contain soy or dairy or other additives or derived fibers, which can cause stomach upset. Our protein is 100% Sacha Inchi Seeds grown in Peru.

ZEGO is pure.

The study by The Clean Label Project and reinforced by other studies show there is plenty to be concerned about when it comes to heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and cadmium and pesticides like glyphosate in organic and conventional protein powders. 

ZEGO not only tests for pesticides, herbicides, allergens, and heavy metals but also gives you easy access to the results through the QR code on each package and on our website. We are proud to offer a top 14 allergy friendly, glyphosate free protein that meets California’s strict Prop 65 standards for heavy metals. 

In addition, the powder isn’t diluted by additives, flavors and artificial sweeteners like most protein powders. This means it is incredibly versatile – you can use it in baking, add to a soup, or mix into a smoothie or yogurt. In fact, we have some recipes we will be posting in our Magazine soon (our favorite is banana protein pancakes!).

ZEGO’s protein effectively help you build muscle.

We LOVE that Vegan Liftz team member Conner tried our protein for a month. We were curious to hear the experience of a vegan body builder! Does he recommend it?

“According to Connor, the answer is a resounding yes.

After trying it for 4 weeks, he was impressed with Zego Pure Protein‘s purity and potency. The blend of sacha inchi seeds added with zero fillers or sweeteners makes this one of the cleanest protein powders when compared to other alternatives on the market.

It’s easy to take and digest, starts working fast, and because every batch is tested for pesticides, herbicides, and allergens, you won’t have to worry so much about any negative effects. Their dedication to keeping it clean is admirable and they wear that value rightfully on the front page of their advertising.”

So whether you are looking for a cleaner, more beneficial protein powder, you are going to want to try ZEGO. You won’t find a more versatile, cleaner, more digestible product on the market.

Enjoy your healthy day, Colleen



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