ZEGO Contains: Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of our favorite warming spices, flavors, and scents! It is also a traditional medicine with incredible antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. The spice comes from the inner bark of the Cinnamomum family of trees, and most of the world’s cinnamon is produced in Indonesia and China. At ZEGO, we use Vietnamese Cinnamon (aka Siagon Cinnamon) because it adds amazing flavor to our recipes. Its bark contains more cinnamaldehyde, the essential oil that provides the sweet, savory, and woody flavor we love in cinnamon.

Cinnamon can be wonderful for us in many ways, from regulating blood sugar, to boosting our immunity, and even potentially reducing the risk of heart disease. But, spices are more prone to fraud and adulteration than other foods, and cinnamon is no exception.

Years ago, we found a significant amount of glyphosate in the organic cinnamon we bought to use in our products at ZEGO. Glyphosate is the leading chemical in Round Up and the subject of thousands of lawsuits connecting it to cancer in people exposed to it. That’s why now we periodically test all the ingredients we use for glyphosate, even our organic ones. To resolve our cinnamon problem, we switched a brand of spices sold by a San Francisco company called Spicely that has a robust testing program. Since then, all our tests on our spices have come out squeaky clean.

At ZEGO, we strongly believe that consumers have a right to know what chemicals are in their food. That’s why we not only test for glyphosate but over 400 additional agricultural chemicals and heavy metals like lead (in crops with historic problems with metal contamination) and post the results for consumers to see through the QR “T-Code” on each ZEGO package. We offer this on every product we make.

Organic cinnamon adds beautiful flavor and nutrition to our Cinnamon Twist Muesli, our Apple Cinnamon Mix-Ins, and our Apple Cinnamon Seed+Fruit Bars.

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Colleen Kavanagh is the founder and CEO of ZEGO. ZEGO is the first purity-transparent food company, making superfood products with traceable transparency designed to be safe for most people to eat regardless of dietary restrictions like common allergies, intolerances and sugar sensitivity. ZEGO makes oats, muesli, protein powder, Mix-ins and nutrition bars. It is certified as a B Corp and is Women Owned.

 San Francisco, CA

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