ZEGO Contains: Raspberries

Raspberries are delightful, small, rich colored, tart and juicy berries often referred to as “nature’s candy”. Their color ranges from red, black, purple, and golden, and all of them are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Raspberries are considered a brain-friendly-food because they contain flavonoids which support memory improvement, and reduce cognitive decline and inflammation. Although raspberries taste super sweet, they are loaded with fiber which helps to regulate blood sugars and avoid spikes and energy crashes, making them a healthy and satisfying choice for a school snack (or anytime of the day!).

At ZEGO, we carefully source all of our fruit from farms in Washington, Oregon, and California.  We are also very proud to use the “ugly” fruit from the farm to help cut down on waste. “Ugly fruit” is fruit that is perfectly good to eat, but happens to be misshapen and won’t sell well in grocery stores.

We love how the ripe, juicy raspberries dance with the sweet-tart apples in our Just Fruit Apple Raspberry bars and our Fruit Chia Raspberry bars. Raspberries provide rich antioxidants such as vitamin C, A and E to each delicious bar. Our raspberry fruit concentrate is made by extracting the water from the fruit juice – what is left after the water has been removed is raspberry fruit concentrate.  All of the fruit concentrate we use has no added ingredients or preservatives, it is 100% fruit.

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Colleen Kavanagh is the founder and CEO of ZEGO. ZEGO is the first purity-transparent food company, making superfood products with traceable transparency designed to be safe for most all people to eat regardless of dietary restrictions like common allergies, intolerances or diabetes. ZEGO makes oats, muesli, protein powder, Mix-ins and nutrition bars. It is certified as a B Corp and as Women Owned.

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