ZEGO Contains: Sunflower Seeds!

The sunflower is one of my favorite flowers, and its plentiful seeds are packed with health benefits that can help you from head to toe! They’re easily available all year round, and just a scant handful of them can mean dramatic improvement in the way you feel.

Sunflower is a tall, erect, herbaceous annual plant belonging in the family of Asteraceae, in the genus, Helianthus. Its botanical name is Helianthus annuus. It is native to Middle American region from where it spread as an important commercial crop all over the world by the European explorers. At present Russian Union, China, USA, and Argentina are the leading producers of sunflower crop.

Sweet, nutty sunflower seeds are an excellent source of essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. With their crunchy, nutty taste, sunflower seeds can easily become a regular part of your daily diet. Sprinkle them on your salads, granola, stir-fries. Stir them into yogurt, pop them into sandwiches, rice, pasta, or knead them into your dough… the possibilities are as endless as the good qualities of these sun-loving seeds.

ZEGO Snacks Allergen Friendly Seed + Fruit Bars’ main ingredient is organic sunflower seeds, and you can find them in our Muesli and Mix-Ins too!

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