Our T-CODE Food Safety System

We make food that supports your long term health AND your immediate safety.

STEP 1: Dedicated Free From Facility

Our manufacturing facility is free of the top 12 allergens and gluten free. We alone use our equipment and it is also free of corn.

STEP 2: Carefully Selected Ingredients

We carefully select our organic and non-GMO ingredient suppliers for purity and allergy safety.

STEP 3: Verification by 3rd Party Lab

  • Each batch is tested for allergen and gluten cross contact.

  • Each product line is periodically tested for glyphosate residue.

  • Each product line is periodically tested for over 400 chemicals, pesticides and metals (metals for crops with historic metal issues).

STEP 4: Transparency by Posting Test Results

We post the results of each product’s testing on our website and link it to the QR code on each package. We call this the T-Code. On our website, just scroll down this page to the tab section and click on the product you are interested in to access the relevant results.