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Plant Protein


14 ounces per bag, Shelf life 12-18 months, packaging may vary from picture

Pure Protein contains no flavors or sweetners, so the flavor tastes just like sacha inchi seeds. It is a little “nutty” in flavor, even though there are no nuts in this superfood.

Pure Protein is just that. There are no added flavors or sweeteners, so you can make this your own. It is delicious is baked goods! Surprise your family with delicious protein brownies! You’ll have fun creating new ways to use them!

Pure Protein is simply made from lightly roasting seeds that have been cold pressed to remove most of the oil. The resulting seed meal is ground into a powder that is 65% protein by weight. Because it is attached to much of its natural nutrients, sacha inchi seed protein is easier to digest than protein isolates, which are processed with chemicals or enzymes. Every batch is tested for allergen and gluten cross contact and every harvest is tested for chemicals and glyphosate.

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